Gay Black Nudist is Moving to

Gay Black Nudist has a new name and a new address. You can now find me at As I have written before, coming to work and live in Thailand has brought me into a nudist vacuum. After more than a decade in naturist-friendly Spain, it was shocking and frustrating to not be able to... Continue Reading →


The Nudist Fashion Designer

What at first seems like a complete contradiction, makes perfect sense when you understand the underlying motivation. First, let's clarify that the title is with tongue firmly embedded in cheek. I do not profess to be a designer. That requires greater visual creativity than I process.  But as you are hopefully aware, I have launched... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2560

The third new years celebration I've experienced in a four month period was the best. Songkran is the solar New Year observance in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Laos. It falls on 13 April though it is celebrated over several days. And in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Songkran means that everyone stays wet. Water fights Enter... Continue Reading →

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