Gay Black Nudist is Moving to

Gay Black Nudist has a new name and a new address. You can now find me at

As I have written before, coming to work and live in Thailand has brought me into a nudist vacuum. After more than a decade in naturist-friendly Spain, it was shocking and frustrating to not be able to bare myself anywhere other than the confines of my home or a saunas. Gay Black Nudist has provided me an outlet to express these sentiments. It allowed me to talk about my nudist lifestyle in a way that is more frank and engaging than I would have been able to in my then primary blog which focuses on travel, vegetarian food and mindful living. However, this website and project has grown beyond all of my expectations.

Very quickly I realized that I had tapped into something larger. People — gay, straight, bi or other and from all races — have contacted me through the blog and the associated social media accounts to either

  • thank me for starting a needed conversation
  • ask for or offer advice
  • extend friendship or just a smile and greeting
  • share their personal stories

The community that I have discovered has embraced and encouraged me. And I thought that if I — a seasoned nudist — had been unaware of the size of this community, than we certainly need more visibility. And resources to help bring that about.

And so, Gay Black Nudist is evolving into Nudist Planet. Whereas the previous effort was all about me, the new space is meant to provide community, resources and connections for all of us.

The tagline of the new site is let’s make the world clothing-optional. This is truly my mission. Nudist Planet is one tool of many that we can use for this purpose.

I thank you wholeheartedly for the support you have shown me and trust that we will continue to strengthen each other and the world of naturism as a whole.

Nudist Planet


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