The Nudist Fashion Designer

What at first seems like a complete contradiction, makes perfect sense when you understand the underlying motivation. First, let’s clarify that the title is with tongue firmly embedded in cheek. I do not profess to be a designer. That requires greater visual creativity than I process.  But as you are hopefully aware, I have launched some nudist-centric products for sale in an online store. Prominent among them are some garments including t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops. Many of you have pointed out the obvious irony of this situation. But honestly, I think it logical. Allow me to explain my rationale.

As I’ve written before, I have become an accidental advocate for the cause of making naturism more visible and accepted. This has meant being more open with the members of my various social circles about the fact that I am a bare practitioner. Likewise, I have encouraged others to do so. And since we can’t all go wandering down the street nude, — though we long for the day we can — nor would it be convenient to shout to everyone we pass about the virtues of our habit, clothes provide an “unnatural” billboard. Many people and causes, use clothes to generate awareness. Considering that even we nudist must clothe ourselves occasionally, I figure we can use this handy platform for our purpose too.

Gay Black Nudist Fashion Designer pAs both a gay man and a black man, I have much more experience than I would ever like to have had in being an activist and ambassador. This is most often done by simply living honestly on my own terms and making sure others know and respect who I am.  Personally, I have applied a strategy that the gay rights movement has taught us all how to deploy effectively on a wider scale: be visible. It’s the first step. These shirts, totes, mugs and stickers are designed to make that effort a tad more effortless.

These products on offer in the store are there to help us promote our lifestyle publicly. Sure, a beach towel or seat cushion might make more sense as items a naturist would be likely to find appealing, but we normally use those things when we are among our own in nudist-friendly places. And while having a cool or funny beach blanket with a naturist theme isn’t a bad idea — note to self — this is preaching to the choir to my mind.

So head over and check out the store. Keep in mind that it is temporary. I am working on another that will be fully integrated with the website and feature a more extensive line. Grab something that will help you to proclaim your pride in the life you live. Without apologies.

Nudist Planet Shop - Title - large

One more thing. Since I am no fashion designer, I will be asking for your input in choosing designs for products. So come around to the site on Tuesdays as I plan to post some artwork that day each week. I’ll ask you to comment on which of various options you like best and why. Thank you in advance for your help. And patience. Let’s make all the world clothing-optional.


7 thoughts on “The Nudist Fashion Designer

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  1. LOL! A contradiction in terms is the understatement of 2017! I admire you for doing this, Kenn. Visibility is important for others to know that “we are here!” I’ve already ordered my black “nudist” tank shirt and received an email yesterday that it was being printed and would ship soon. Good job, man! Naked hugs!

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  2. Awesome undertaking and a great hobby Kenn. As long as you’re having fun with it and help others become visible is all that matters. I’ve met other people wearing similar shirts at different “gay” street events and it helped us become friends and fellow nudists. Great job!!!!


  3. Awesome Sauce. I’m absolutely loving what I’ve seen so far. Keep up the great work. I will support a fellow entrepreneur

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